About Dr. Kent's Practice

Dr. Kent has provided consultation and expert witness services since 1983. The practice is devoted to consultation in Biomechanics of Trauma, Functional Outcome after Trauma, Appropriateness of Physical Rehabilitative Care and Analysis of related areas of Human Performance.

Consulting services are provided to both Plaintiffs and Defendants with an average retention and trial appearance rate of approximately 60% Defense and 40% Plaintiff in Civil matters. Retention is evenly divided between Prosecution, Defendant and Court Appointment in Criminal matters.

Dr. Kent's clients are based primarily in Southern California although Dr. Kents skillset is valuable Nationwide. Dr. Kent's client list includes Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies and a variety of Industries throughout California and the Western United States. Dr. Kent has testified at trials as an Expert in his practice areas on more than 600 occasions.


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How is analysis completed?

The analytic process includes review of relevant:

  • Medical Records
  • Evaluation of case related Physical Evidence
  • Review of Depositions of percipient witnesses and litigants
  • Plus other factors pertinent to the specific case

    When appropriate, Independent Quantitative Analysis, Computer Generated Three Dimensional (3D) Biomechanical Modeling and Physiological Research are included with Dr Kent's findings.

    Objective conclusions are then developed based on:

  • Location
  • Injury Reasonability
  • Injury Probability

    Explanation regarding the sequence of how an injury or pathologic process was sustained, and determine what role the litigants may have had in causing those injuries.